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As your elected legislator, I fight for:

Clean Air, Clean Water and a Healthy Environment

As Marylanders, we must fulfill our obligation to address the critical problem of Global Climate Change. I will continue the fight for clean air and water and reduced reliance on fossil fuels. I will also work to ensure that large energy companies are held accountable to provide reliable, affordable energy in a way that respects the community and the environment.
Leadership Results:
Al built a statewide coalition of legislators, municipal leaders, environmentalists and businesses to successfully champion legislation to hold electric utilities accountable for energy efficient and cost effective service.

A Strong Economy

I believe that a strong economy does not need to come at the expense of quality of life, the environment or good government. There are opportunities to reform our policies in ways that can reduce cost and cut red tape for the small businesses that are the engine of our economy.
Leadership Results:
Al authored and secured passage of two bills to promote smart growth and encourage investment in small businesses within revitalizing commercial areas such as downtown Wheaton.

Educational Opportunities for All

We must continue Montgomery County's tradition of prioritizing educational excellence. I will fight to ensure that our county gets our fair share of state education dollars for teacher pay and school construction. At the same time, I will keep pushing to find ways to close the achievement gap.
Leadership Results:
Al worked with the Montgomery County Delegation to obtain record amounts of school construction funding.

Fresh Solutions to Transportation Problems

Our traffic problems don't just inconvenience us, they drive away potential employers and new residents. I will continue efforts to promote regional cooperation to solve our transportation problems, and I will advance new approaches that go beyond a focus on expensive road projects. We need solutions for now that balance the concerns of District 18 with the whole of Montgomery County, the State and the region.
Leadership Results:
Al successfully championed legislation giving transit riders a greater voice in decisions when cuts are made.
He pushed through a bill to promote sustainable transportation options by reforming laws governing bicycling in Maryland.

A Strong Safety Net | Fiscal Responsibility

In recent years, the cost of living has increased dramatically, especially for seniors. That's why, in this tough economy, I will work to protect families and retirees from bearing the brunt of increased energy and tax bills. To help prepare for the future, I will also seek ways to ensure that government is fiscally responsible and uses resources efficiently.
Leadership Results:
Al authored a bill protecting homeowners from foreclosure and legal fees from the sale of tax liens.
He secured passage of legislation giving local governments greater authority to foster affordable housing.

Open and Transparent Government

We deserve a system of government that inspires confidence. I will work to close loopholes in our voting laws, sunshine laws, and ethics laws so that Government puts the concerns of citizens first. I will work to establish public financing of campaigns so that the public interest will better guide elected officials.
Leadership Results:
Al secured passage of state legislation providing greater transparency and accountability for school spending in Montgomery County. The Maryland General Assembly followed Al's lead and now requires similar disclosures from all school systems in the state.
Al wrote legislation to modernize our Public Information Act so that public records must be provided in useful electronic formats
Al supported the passage of laws creating a system of public financing for County Council and County Executive campaigns.

Balanced Growth and Development

I share the goals expressed by many of you, to ensure that new development is compatible with existing communities -- regional forces are increasing the pressure for rapid change and gentrification. Growth is desirable, but we need to make sure that it is sustainable and be careful not to erode our quality of life. Better development decisions are made when all stake holders have a seat at the table.
Leadership Results:
Al successfully championed three pieces of legislation giving municipal residents a greater voice in development decisions.

Safe Streets and Safe Neighborhoods

I will work to ensure that we have the laws, resources and coordination for safe streets and effective emergency response.
Leadership Results:
As a three-term Kensington Council Member, Al was able to increase public safety resources while balancing the budget and reducing the tax rate five years in a row.
As a Delegate, he voted for the 2013 firearms safety act. Enacted in the wake of Newtown, this is one of the nation's toughest laws to prevent gun violence. Not keen to rest on our laurels, Al sponsored and voted for 4 bills in 2018 to further strengthen Maryland's common-sense law. Because of his support for reducing gun violence, Delegate Carr received the Gun Sense Candidate Distinction from Mom's Demand Action.

Affordable, Accessible Health care

The Affordable Care Act has expanded healthcare coverage for many Marylanders. We need to strengthen it. I will continue working to expand access to affordable care, and I will seek ways to reduce unnecessary red tape for our hard-working doctors, nurses and medical professionals. Additionally, I believe that strongly supporting medical research at institutions such as NIH, will prove to be a wise investment in our future.
Leadership Results:
Al supported Assignment of Benefits legislation that streamlines and improves the process for reimbursement of out-of-network physicians and protects consumers from unexpected and costly medical bills.
He successfully championed passage of a bill that expands healthcare coverage in Maryland for the diagnosis and treatment of Lymphedema - an illness that affects many.

Strong Consumer Protection

I will work to strengthen laws and resources that protect privacy, prevent identity theft, spam, and unscrupulous marketing practices that take advantage of vulnerable citizens.
Leadership Results:
Because of his consumer-friendly voting record, Al is one of a small number of Maryland legislators named as a "Consumer Hero" by the Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition.

An Inclusive Community that Respects Civil Rights

Everyone deserves to have a voice. I will work to ensure that all parts of our diverse community are included in our decisions. We must work together to keep us moving forward on civil rights and strengthening protections against discrimination.
Leadership Results:
Al supports Marriage Equality. He co-sponsored the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act every year, spoke on the house floor and voted for its final passage.
He was the lead sponsor in 2010 for the Gender Identity Anti-discrimination bill and was able to recruit four more legislators to add to the list of co-sponsors.

Women's Rights

We are better off as a society when we protect women's rights including reproductive health.
Leadership Results:
Because of Al's strong voting record, he was endorsed in 2010, 2014 and 2018 by Naral Pro Choice Maryland and the Montgomery County Chapter of the National Organization of Women

By Authority: Friends of Alfred Carr. Treasurer: Barrie Carr. Copyright 2010.