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About Al

Al Carr was born in Ohio and has lived and worked locally for three decades. Al's wife Barrie grew up in New York and has worked as a teacher for many years in Chevy Chase. Al and Barrie have three sons and live in Kensington.

Public Service Leadership

A Democrat, Al has written and successfully secured passage of legislation for environmental protection, education, open government, community parks, affordable housing, public safety, transportation and housing. He has received top ratings and awards from groups advocating for conservation, civil rights, municipal government and consumer protection.

Al joined the House of Delegates in 2007. He serves on the Environment and Transportation Committee and its subcommittees on Real Property, Local Government and Land Use & Ethics. He is the chair of the Metropolitan Washington Committee of the Montgomery County Delegation and is the House Chair of the Joint Committee on Federal Relations. He formerly served as an elected Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem for the Town of Kensington.

Private Sector Experience

Al has twenty years of private sector experience in business management, sales, marketing and engineering. He spent most of his career in the field of telecommunications helping organizations and businesses achieve operational efficiencies and cost savings through the use of technology. He has been recognized for his leadership and innovation.


Al attended public schools. He earned his bachelors degree in engineering with honors from the University of Rochester and also enjoyed taking courses in Business, Music Performance and Spanish Language. He has a certificate in local government studies from the University of Maryland.

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